My Story

What is it like to be an escort?

I have always been a truck girl. living in California I drove my truck and jeep around all along the beach. I used to work with the strippers in Orange County and shortly after I went to Vegas with a friend of mine and never turned back. Now that I moved to Vegas, I love beautiful sports cars and all of the different car shows that go on around Vegas, but there is something about a rugged truck that really gets me going. Maybe it is sitting up high or having that big ol' engine in the block, but a truck just screams masculine. And yeah, I do like the new trucks, but those older ones really get my own motor running. So, if someone wants to impress me while I'm giving them their own private strip show, all they need to talk to me about is their truck and whether they are a Ford, Dodge or Chevy guy.

With so many Las Vegas escort girls, you might wonder why you should spend your time with me instead of all those others girls. Well, outside of the fact that I'm far hotter and sexier than any of the other Vegas escorts, I also have a few tricks up my sleeve. Don't worry, that is just a figure of speech. I don't have any sleeves and, if you'd like. And, if you'd like, I won't have any clothing on either. Being one of the best girls direct to you, I can provie some of the most tempting services such as massages and toy shows. Sounds nice, right?

Hey there sexy boys! I’m Jenna, a sexy and loveable Las Vegas escorts with a slim, tan and athletic body and perky tits. I have been told that I look like a model, but my looks are just the beginning when you choose me as one of your escorts in Las Vegas. I have a lot of talents and strengths and I seem to acquire more, the longer I am part of Las Vegas escorts. I want you to be proud to have me on your arm for many reasons. My looks are usually the reason you pick me. My skills as one of the escorts in Las Vegas are the reason that your fantasies will come true during our night together.

One of the things that make me a good escort is my knowledge of the city. You could come to Vegas a thousand times and never party at all the bars and clubs that I know about. I also make it a point to know all the new nightspots that are constantly popping up in Vegas. Out of all the places that I can take you, the place you will enjoy the most will be right there in your room.

I will show you the time of your life out on the town, at a business seminar or anywhere you want to go, but the time you will remember most fondly will be the time we spend in your room. Let me help you relax with an erotic massage. Let me show off my amazing body as I strip nude right in front of your eyes. Then I will give you a lap dance to die for! I also have a wonderful bag of toys and you can watch me use them on myself. That’s just the beginning. Give me a call and tell me what you’re into and let’s get our night started.